No One Likes Dealing With Broken Glass

Let the experts handle your glass repair in St Peters & St Charles, MO

Glass is a beautiful addition to any home or business. It has a modern and chic look, but it can be an absolute headache when it breaks. Don't spend your money replacing massive storefront windows or custom mirrors-hire A Pane In The Glass, LLC instead. We can handle any type of glass repair in St Peters & St Charles, MO. We'll replace the section of broken glass without having to replace the entire feature.

We repair and replace seal failed /fogged insulated glass units, and broken glass. We supply and install new replacement windows and exterior doors. A Pane In The Glass can repair all malfunctioning windows from any manufactured brand windows for replacement parts and glass.
A Pane In the Glass also repairs sliding doors as well. New rollers, no problem.

If the damage is beyond repair, we'll schedule a glass replacement. Our team will make sure your glass shines like new again. Call us right after your glass breaks so we can take care of your glass repair quickly.

We can handle custom fittings

We can handle custom fittings

Whether you have a traditional or custom frame for your glass window or door, our team can handle your glass repair. We can also replace broken screens. We're the glass repair and glass replacement experts you need in St Peters & St Charles, MO . Call 636-561-0474 now to schedule an appointment.